Tuesday, 6 June 2017

"Imagine Diane Abbott As Home Secretary"?

She couldn't possibly be any worse at it than we all now know that Theresa May was.

Home Secretaries who go on about how "tough" they are, and that is most of them, always turn out to have been rubbish when you check the facts. Michael Howard arranged Royal Pardons for his violent, drug-dealing cousins in Swansea.

And you don't have to imagine Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary. Astonishingly, such is in fact the case.

Not only that, but he is already popping up on the airwaves to invite us to imagine him as Prime Minister.

No one knows who is going to be the Prime Minister at Christmas. But we all know who that is not going to be.

It is not going to be Theresa May.

As for Philip Hammond, is he still the Chancellor of the Exchequer even today? In recent days, tax policy has been announced by Michael Fallon.

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